How To Cap A Toilet Drain

One of the most common household repairs is fixing a clogged toilet. A clogged toilet is often caused by something blocking the drainage hole in the bottom of the toilet. This can be a simple fix, but it requires some knowledge of how to cap a toilet drain.

How To Cap A Toilet Drain

One way to cap a toilet drain is to use a rubber plug. This can be inserted into the drain hole and will create a watertight seal. Another way to cap a toilet drain is to use a metal cap. This can be screwed onto the drain hole and will also create a watertight seal.

-A plumbing snake -Teflon tape -A cap for the drain

  • Detach the toilet’s water supply tubing from the valve by unscrewing it
  • Close the toilet’s water supply by turning off the valve behind the toilet
  • Flush the toilet to drain out as much water as possible

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Cover A Toilet Drain?

Yes, it is possible to cover a toilet drain. There are a few options for doing so, including using a toilet plunger, using a toilet auger, or using a chemical drain cleaner.

How Can I Hide My Toilet Waste Pipe?

You could try to hide the toilet waste pipe behind a cabinet or large plant.

How Do You Permanently Close A Toilet Drain?

To permanently close a toilet drain, one can use a plumber’s plug. This is a rubber or plastic disk that fits into the drain and blocks it.


To cap a toilet drain, one must first remove the existing cap and clean the area around the drain. The new cap should then be inserted and glued into place.

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