How To Cover New Concrete With Plastic

Concrete is a durable and long-lasting material, but it can be damaged by weathering and erosion. One way to protect concrete is to cover it with plastic. This article will show you how to do that.

How To Cover New Concrete With Plastic

The best way to cover new concrete with plastic is to use a builder’s film. This type of plastic is tough and will protect the surface of the concrete. You can buy builder’s film at any hardware store. To cover the concrete, you will need to cut the film to size. The film should be larger than the concrete by at least two feet on all sides. Next, you will need to tape the edges of the film to the concrete. Use a good quality duct

-Concrete sealant -Paintbrush -Plastic sheeting -Ruler or measuring tape -Stapler -Scissors

  • Measure the surface to be covered
  • Cut the plastic sheeting to size
  • Secure the plastic sheeting in place with duct tape or weights
  • Lay the plastic sheeting over the concrete

-Covering fresh concrete with plastic is a common way to protect it from the elements and help it cure properly. -There are a few things to consider when covering new concrete with plastic. -First, make sure the concrete is completely dry before covering it. -If there is any moisture trapped under the plastic, it can cause the concrete to crack. -Also, make sure the plastic is securely attached to the concrete so that wind or rain doesn’t blow it away

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Cover Concrete With Plastic?

Yes, you can cover concrete with plastic. This will protect the concrete from weathering and help it to last longer.

Should You Cover Fresh Concrete With Plastic?

No, fresh concrete should not be covered with plastic. Concrete cures from the top down, and if plastic is placed over it, the bottom will not cure correctly and could cause problems with the finished product.

Does Fresh Concrete Need To Be Covered?

No, fresh concrete does not need to be covered.

Should You Cover Concrete With Plastic In Hot Weather?

Covering concrete with plastic sheeting will help to keep the surface cooler in hot weather. The plastic will reflect the sun’s heat and will help to prevent the concrete from becoming too hot.

Should I Put Plastic Over New Concrete?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some factors to consider include the age and condition of the concrete, the type of plastic, and the climate. In general, it is usually recommended to wait at least 28 days before covering new concrete with plastic.

How Do You Cover Dry Concrete?

To cover dry concrete, you can use a tarp, plywood, or another type of covering.

Should Freshly Poured Concrete Be Covered?

Yes, freshly poured concrete should be covered. This will protect it from weathering and help it cure properly.

How Do You Cover Fresh Concrete?

Concrete must be protected from weathering and moisture while it cures. A curing compound is used to form a water-resistant film over the surface of fresh concrete.

Can You Put Plastic Over Concrete?

Yes, you can put plastic over concrete if you want to protect it from weathering.

To Review

To properly cover new concrete with plastic, one must first make sure the surface is clean and free of any debris or stains. Next, cut the plastic to size and lay it out over the concrete. Finally, use weights or stakes to keep the plastic in place.

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