How To Play Mouse And Keyboard On Ps4 Siege

Mouse and keyboard support on PS4 Siege is a great way to gain an edge over your opponents. This guide will show you how to set it up so you can start dominating the battlefield.

How To Play Mouse And Keyboard On Ps4 Siege

Mouse and keyboard support on Siege is pretty good, all things considered. There are a few quirks, but for the most part it works just as you would expect. The main thing to keep in mind is that you need to be using a wired connection in order to use a mouse and keyboard on Siege. First, make sure your PS4 is set up for mouse and keyboard input. From the main menu, go to Settings > Devices > Mouse and keyboard support. Enable

Mouse and keyboard on ps4 siege can be done with a few tools. The first tool you will need is an OTG adapter. An OTG adapter is a small, USB-like device that plugs into the micro-USB port on your phone or tablet and allows you to use a mouse and keyboard with it. The next tool you will need is a mouse and keyboard. Any standard mouse and keyboard should work. Finally, you will need Siege on PS4. Siege is available on

  • Plug in your mouse and keyboard to your pc
  • Download and install the ps4 remote play application
  • Select the “add a device
  • Open the ps4 remote play application and sign in with your sony account

-Mouse and keyboard on PS4 Siege can be a great way to improve your gameplay, giving you more accuracy and control over your shots. -There are a few things to consider when using a mouse and keyboard on PS4 Siege. First, you will need to make sure that your controller is set to use the mouse and keyboard input mode. You can do this in the settings menu. -Next, you will need to configure the buttons on your controller to match the buttons on

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Play Keyboard And Mouse On Siege?

Yes, you can play keyboard and mouse on Siege.

Can You Play Siege With Keyboard And Mouse On Ps4?

On Playstation 4, keyboard and mouse can be used for some games but not Siege.

How Do I Play Rainbow Six Siege With A Mouse And Keyboard On Ps5?

Playing Rainbow Six Siege on a PlayStation 5 with a mouse and keyboard is possible with some additional hardware and software. You will need to purchase a USB adapter that converts PS4 input signals to mouse and keyboard signals, as well as the appropriate software to make the connection between your devices.


Playing mouse and keyboard on PS4 Siege is relatively easy. All you need to do is plug in your keyboard and mouse into the USB ports on the front of your PS4, and then go into the settings menu to change the input device to your desired preference.

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