How To Send Mp3 File On Instagram Dm

Instagram Direct is a feature that allows users to send photos and videos to specific friends and groups. The recipient can only view the content if they follow you.

How To Send Mp3 File On Instagram Dm

There is no clear answer on how to send MP3 files on Instagram DM. Some users have reported that they are able to share MP3 files as long as they are less than 150 MB in size, while others have said that they were not able to send MP3 files at all. There may be a size limit for MP3 files on Instagram DM, or it may be that the feature is not yet available to all users. If you want to share an MP3 file with

-Computer -Internet connection -Mp3 file

  • Open instagram and find the profile of the person you want to send the mp3 to. 2.tap the direct message icon in the upper right corner of their profile. 3.tap the + icon in the lower left

-Check the file size. -Check the format. -Name the file with an underscore and the number of the song. -Include the artist and song title in the post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can U Send Mp3 On Instagram?

Yes. You can attach an mp3 file to an Instagram post by using a third-party app such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Can You Send Audio Files On Instagram Dm?

Yes. Audio files can be sent on Instagram DM.

How Can I Share An Audio File On Instagram?

You can share an audio file on Instagram by first downloading the app and then selecting the file you would like to share. You will then be prompted to enter a caption and your post will be shared with your followers.

In The End

There are a few different ways to send MP3 files on Instagram DM. You can either upload the file to a cloud storage service and share the link with the recipient, or you can send the file as an email attachment.

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